This makes me long for my best friend and a cup of tea with her under one blanket reading harry potter books. Content with the sound of only our breath and pages turning, speaking without words.

I love you Cassidy Lynn. Let’s get lost together again someday.

Love you Shelby Dawn <3

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Time to set some goals. BOOM.

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This is fucking awesome.

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This is what a brusher looks like! …And TGIF because I have a swollen hip and thigh from using this thing the past 2 days.

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Sorry for being MIA!

So I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and kickin’!  ….Just back in my hometown doing a bit of work for some quick cash since I was basically starving in Kelowna and my job kept getting delayed.

I gotta say that it feels pretty great to be back home and workin’!  Even if work means getting up at 5:30am every day and stacking brush out in the bush with a bunch of dirty boys.  Today we switched it up a bit though and I got to do some brushing…which for those of you who don’t know means using a whipper-snipper type machine with a saw blade instead of the cable to chop down trees and brush.  Kinda bad ass.

Unfortunately this job leaves me quiite exhausted by the end of the day and I haven’t been getting many workouts in.  But on the plus side, I get A LOT of physical activity at work so it makes up for it!…My hands are actually shaking as I type this - sign of building muscles? I think so.

So there’s my little update - sorry I haven’t been posting as much these days, I’m just extremely busy and tired and trying to get used to my new schedule!

Thanks for stickin’ with me through my dry spell!! :)  

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This ^^^

always reblog!


Well … It’s a little bit about clothes hahaha I’m doing this for myself, and maybe clothes too XD

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